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Customer Testimonials

Dear Don,

We are writing this letter to express our complete satisfaction with the quality work that was performed on out slate roof. We can attest to the superior craftsmanship of your slate shingle repair work, as well as, the expert detailed copper work your company provided. Your work has exceeded our expectations. It's fortunate for us, that your company keeps this lost art alive.

All of your employees are to be commended for their talented, genuine, craftsmanship. We found them to be very hardworking, honest individuals. They endured weather that was unbearably hot, but nevertheless, continued in stride to repair our roof.

We were pleased with your prompt, informative telephone updates on the progress of our roof. The time you took to explain your techniques, as well as, your personal hand in the actual work.

We wish your company continued success and world be happy to offer recommendations on your behalf


Best Regards,

Susan & Ed

Elkins Park, Pa

To Whom It May Concern,

Strickler Insurance Agency, Inc. is the owner of the Cornwall Lebanon Railroad building in Lebanon. The building was designed by a Philadelphia architect, George W. Hewitt for the iron-ore baron, Robert Coleman. It is a very special building with a lot of unique architectural features and a slate roof.

The building was suffering from water issues. Various contractors would try to resolve the water problems, but is persisted. Don Chocker of C & V Slate & Copper approached me to do some work on the building. I let him start with a small project, which helped me realize his abilities and his passion for old historic building. I soon realized his breath of knowledge and experience with old, historic building was far superior to anybody else prior to him. Through pictures, Don was able to show me that the prior contractors were only doing patch work and actually caused the building to sustain more damage. The box gutters had to be completely replaced, because the prior work was done wrong which ruined the wood underneath the metal.

Since the building is so tall, the pictures he took helped me understand the extent of the problems. He, also, gave me pictures of the completed work. Don has always acted in a professional manner and has taken pride in restoring this great building.. I would recommend him for your future projects.


Patrick  (President)

Lebanon, Pa

Dear Mr. Chocker:

Many times during the process of making a decision on a building maintenance project, a large established firm is chosen over a small company. During our evaluation, and after reviewing proposals, we awarded the job to your company.

Bangor Episcopal Church is on the National Historic Register. Therefore, It must conform to a special set of rules. You were aware of the needs of our project and the conformity to the regulations and historical requirements.

The quality of your work was very impressive. The reconstruction was completed on schedule and you operated a very neat and clean job site. The finished project conformed to the original appearance. This was due to your desire to maintain a quality professional approach to our situation. You also made us aware of pending future problems with our structure. This situation to detail shows you are a knowledgeable professional with a desire to do a comprehensive overall evaluation and appraisal of the exterior of the church.

We are pleased with C & V Slate and Copper and will be using your expertise for future projects. We would not hesitate to recommend your company.

Very truly yours

Robert  (Senior Warden)

Churchtown, Pa

Dear C & V Slate and Copper

My wife and I live in a duplex house in Lititz for the past 40 years. Our house dates back to 1878 so it is very old with the original slate roof still in use. Through the past 40 years we have done a lot of interior and exterior remodeling as well as changing the other half of the house into two apartments.

The main problem was always the slate roof and tin valleys. During the years i have had at least 3 different roofing companies working on the roof. I just did not think what they did was right. I could look up and see that if they replaced a pc. of slate  could see where they faced nailed the slate and put some pitch over the nail head. Donald Chocker came by the house last year and he asked if I was having any problem with my roof. Of course I was. He explained how he installs and replaces broken slate with no face nailing. I have been so impressed with Donald's knowledge and the work he has done for me that I have no problem recommending his work.



Russell  (Mayor Lititz Borough)

To the C&V Roofing Team,
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend C and V Slate and Copper as you consider roofing projects to preserve our Historical sites.
My home is located in Harrisburg's Academy Manor Historic District, an older section of the city. Many homes were built in the early part of the last century and most still have their slate roofs.
I and my insurance company found the work to be exemplary. The crew have both knowledge and respect for historically noteworthy homes and buildings. The attention to the small details of our home was very much appreciated and the extra effort clearly showed in the finished product.
If you have any questions about my experience with C and V Slate and Copper, I hope you will not hesitate to contact me at you convenience. 
Philip Di Martile
Dear Joe Vozzella and crew,
On behalf of the Church of the Annunciation, I want you to know that we appreciate your professionalism evidenced in your providing daily updates about every phase of the work project.
It is a joy to know that you take great pride in doing a job well. As I survey the quality of your work it is evident that while you fulfilled the written terms and conditions of our agreement, you exceeded our expectations by fulfilling the spirit of the contract's terms and conditions. Specifically, you "did unto us as you would have us do unto you"- treating the repair of the church housing as if it were your own.
Please feel free to use this correspondence as a letter of recommendation and the undersigned as a reference should others want to hear how your repair of our church rectory's roof thereby enhancing its overall value.
Many thanks for a job well done.
With appreciation,
The Reverend Elliott M. Waters

Dear C & V employees,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the slate ans copper work that you performed for me. The results are excellent. The customized copper work is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Importantly, the clean-up after the project was completed was immaculate.
I would and have recommended you to others who have the privilege and responsibility for maintaining properties with slate and copper construction.
Jay B. Miller
To Whom it May Concern:
C&V Slate and Copper's workmanship and advice in repairing the slate roof at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Jenkintown, was exemplary. The workmen were courteous, professional and neat. In addition to slate repair, C&V installed new snow guards and performed general maintenance, such as replacing soil pipe vents and repairing and painting the steeple.
C&V Slate and Copper honored its pricing and stayed in touch throughout the project, working collaboratively with us to solve any issues that arose. I would strongly recommended C&V for your roofing needs. 
S. W. Esslinger
Property Manager

Dear C & V Slate and Copper,
My wife and I were so impressed with you and your employees that I felt compelled to inform you. We appreciated your thoroughness and honesty in evaluating our slate roof, gutter and water issues at our newly purchased home, as well as your plan of action to fix these problems quickly. Your crew was punctual, courteous, tidy, professional and they took great care to cover our shrubs and patio to prevent damage from the roof maintenance and ladders. You and your team turned this daunting project of maintaining a slate roof into a pleasant experience and the roof looks great. Please feel free to use us as a reference for future projects because we will highly recommend you. Thank you for taking pride in your work and treating our home with such great care.
Aaron D. Miller, DMD

To Whom it may concern:
May this letter serve as a reference for C & V Slate and Copper.
I was very pleased with the services of C & V Slate and Copper who are not your typical roofers; in fact I would not consider them roofers at all; they are craftsman, who are very skilled in their trade. In this day and age, care and dedication to the trade is seldom found but these qualities became fast apparent while working on my home. 
While on site they handcrafted custom chimney caps and collars out of sheets of copper and skillfully repaired terracotta roof tiles in addition to doing some masonry and iron work. My family and I reside in a 1930 Dutch Tutor Revival House of which the aesthetics are as equally important as a leak free roof. After completing my home they also worked on my neighbor's home and took care replacing slates and crafting a chimney cap appropriate to the style of their home ( nothing mass-produced here!).
The team was very professional, friendly and explained things very thoroughly and invited me to inspect each aspect of their work, although I felt very comfortable with them. They certainly have earned my trust and I was very pleased with the end results. In addition they went out of their way to ensure that the yard was thoroughly tidy at the end of each day. Although I am certain me roof will last for a very long time, I definitely plan on using C & V for other roofing projects. I am indeed please to sever as a reference.
Ed Dickel

C & V Slate and Copper:
Thanks for repairing the slate shingles and painting the exposed metal of our roof. I really appreciated the prompt and efficient way you took care of the immediate problems, and your advice and recommendations for long-term maintenance. Your knowledge of slate roofs and the professionalism of your crew were plainly evident. I definitely recommend your services.
Thanks again.
Walter G. Lehmann