C & V Slate And Copper, LLC.

Lets keep our old buildings maintained properly

and give them the respect that they deserve.


The service we provide is second to none. We take pride in every job we under take. If our name is on it you know there was no short cuts taking and quality craftsmanship is insured. No job is too small or too big, all of our customers valued. 





This was a slate roof that wasn't maintained properly. The longer you wait the more likely this could happen to you.







We added a stone in the hole where one used to be, then re-pointed, new step and counter flashing was installed, and re-slated. We don't take any short cuts like this one where the person before us just filled the hole with alot of caulk. As you can see the slate, flashing, wood moulding, and gutter was falling out.

List of services we provide:

*Chimney caps

*Chimney pointing

*Custom cornice moldings

*Flat seam roofs (copper, lead coated copper, or tin)

*Gutter guards

*Gutters: 1/2 round, K type, box, and Yankee (copper or aluminum)

*Metal Roof Painting

*Ridge roll (copper or galvanized)

*Scuppers boxes and funnels

*Slate roofs and replacements 

*Snow guards

*Rubber Roofs

*Shingle roofs

*Standing seam roofs (copper, lead coated copper, or tin)

*Step and counter flashing (on chimney and walls)

*Terracotta tiles

*Valley (copper, lead coated copper, or tin)

*Window Capping

*Silicone Slate Coating / Waterproofing