C & V Slate And Copper, LLC.

Lets keep our old buildings maintained properly

and give them the respect that they deserve.

Project Photos

Copper work
Copper scupper box
Custom scupper box
Snow and ice removal
Custom moulding
Greenhouse batton caps
Copper cricket
Bread pan fold (no cuts or solder joints)
Intricate copper flatseam cricket
Copper flatseam cricket pan
Copper flatseam deck
Copper valley under Spanish tile
Ornate facade
Ornate facade with garland
Steeple painting
Traditional copper chimney cap
Traditional copper chimney cap with copper step and counter flashing
Dutch style chimney cap
Before the copper roof.
Damage hidden behind counter flashings.
After repairs and a new standing seam copper roof.
New snow guards installed.
Downtown Lititz, Pa
Custom flat seam copper roofs.
Custom lead coat copper gutter