C & V Slate And Copper, LLC.

Lets keep our old buildings maintained properly

and give them the respect that they deserve.


Welcome to C & V Slate And Copper


We are a family owned and operated business with the goal to provide you the best craftsmanship on your house, church, and or building. All of our mechanics are trained and highly skilled in the restoration of historic and modern homes. We travel all around the tri-state area. We also provide you with the proper information so that you may make an informed, intelligent decision before starting your project and discuss various options. Not only are we trying to preserve our heritage we are trying to maintain an almost lost art form.

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Why C & V Slate and Copper?

*Drug free work place

*Emergency contact 24/7

*Free estimates

*Fully licensed and  insured


*Lancaster, Pa

*Over 35 years of experience

*Perform annual maintenance inspections of our work

*Photo documents of before and after progress

*Quality craftsmanship

*Quality materials

*Safety first!

*Work year round